>   Portable power station

Portable power station

  • Solar power station 500W
Solar power station 500W

Solar power station 500W

  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Lithium battery
  • portable inverter 500w
  • emergency power bank
  • Product description: This portable solar power station can by emergeny supply power for phones,Camera,Router,Car refrigerator,laptop and PC,valuable for home and office

Solar power station 500W

Charging Methods

The power station can be charged through regular household current, vehicle car charger and solar panel, breaking the limitation of time and space.


Mini power station TECHNICAL DATA

Model No. : PPS200500
Output Capacity Rated : 500W
Max : 1000W
Voltage DC12V : DC12/10A
USB(4Paorts) : DC5V/6.2A
Cigarette Lither : DC12/7A
AC Socket : AC100-240V
Output Waveform : Pure Sine Wave
LED Lighting Power : 1 Watt
Battery Type : Lithium
Amper : 78000mAH
Voltage : 12V
Charging AC : AC100-240V
Solar : DC12V
Ambiment Temperature : -40℃~ +70
Dimension : 300*150*155mm
Weight : 3.2kgs
Warranty : 3 Years(Battery 1 Year)

Suitable for Camping,Fishing,Etc.


>Multiple Voltages Connectors Available
>Multiple Charging Available
>Overcharging Prevention
>Lamp On/Off,DC Output Switch;AC Output Switch.
>PTC FUSE(PTC Recoverable Fuse)
>Overload Prevention
>Battey Volume/AC Charing/Solar Charging Indicators


500W Portable Power Station
DC Cable(Pin 5.5*2.1mm)
Car Charing Cable(Pin 5.5*2.1mm)
DC Adapter Cable(Pin 5.5*2.1mm)
User Manual

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